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The procedure in using our services is as follows:

1 We receive your document and information about type of service you require.
2 Within 24 h (Monday to Friday), we send you a quotation based on the type of service and speed of delivery you have requested.
3 If you accept the quote, you reply by email and authorize us to proceed with the service.
4 We edit or translate the document and return it to you for your review.
5 You accept the edit or translation. If you have questions about the work we have done, now is the time to ask those questions.
6 We send you an invoice. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.
7 You make payment by bank wire transfer, check (EUR, US$, or CA$, only), or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express).

For efficient editing, you should prepare the document with double spacing using Microsoft Word®. It is not imperative that you send Tables and Figures, but without them it is impossible to provide thorough editing and translation.

To submit a document for editing or translation, complete the Order Form, below, and attach your file(s). Alternatively, you can submit your document as an e-mail attachment.

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Rush service (48 h): 50 € 60 US$ 75 CA$

Translation Price per word
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Standard service (7 d): 0.08 € 0.10 US$ 0.12 CA$
Expedited service (4 d): 0.10 € 0.12 US$ 0.16 CA$
Rush service (48 h): 0.14 € 0.18 US$ 0.20 CA$
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