Submission Procedure

What is the first step?

Send your document as an e-mail attachment to and indicate (1) the journal or other entity to which you will submit your document, (2) the extent of editing (proofreading, copyediting, or content editing) and (3) speed of service (standard, expedited, or rush) that you require. Alternatively, you can submit you document using our Order Form, which serves as your request for Fortaleza to edit or translate the document according to our Terms of Service.

Although we prefer documents to be in MS Word®, PowerPoint®, or Excel® file formats, we can accept all of the other popular file formats, such WordPerfect® and plain text. We highly recommend that you send your manuscript to us when it is complete, just before you send it to the journal in which you want to have your research published or any other entity (e.g., granting agency) that will receive your document. In so doing, you will save on the cost of our service.

How does Fortaleza respond after a document is submitted?

If you submit your document for a fee estimate by using our Quote Form or by sending it as an e-mail attachment, we will respond within 24 h (Monday – Friday).

Once you have engaged our services, the translation or editing of your scientific document proceeds as follows:

(1) A Fortaleza representative will contact you by e-mail to provide your Reference Number and to confirm your contact information, the type, extent, and speed of service that your document will receive, and the journal or other entity to which you will submit the finished document.

(2) Fortaleza will choose from among its term of translators and editors the individual most qualified to translate or edit your document. To insure the highest quality of service, from start to finish, a senior editor will supervise the process.

(3) Fortaleza will return your document within the period stipulated by you at the time you engaged our services. If you choose our Standard service, we will return your document within 7 d. Expedited service returns your document within 4 d. Documents assigned to Rush service are returned within 48 h.

(4) Within 7 days, Fortaleza will contact you to confirm that you are satisfied with the work we have performed and to address any questions you might have about the changes we have suggested.

How is the document edited or translated?

We make corrections and suggested changes directly in the document. If your document is viewed in Microsoft Word®, you can use the program’s “Track Changes” option (under the “Tools” menu) to view all of the corrections and suggested changes made to the text (see example, below). From within the “Track Changes” option, you can accept or reject individual changes that we suggest.

Example of Edited Text

When the “Highlight Changes” option is enabled, deleted text appears red and with a “strikethrough. Inserted text is underlined. The editor’s comments and questions appear within curly brackets, and words, phrases, or sentences to which the comments apply are highlighted in yellow.

For more information on the “Track Changes” option in Word® click here (