Rates and Payment

Editing Price per hour
Standard service (7 d): 30 € 40 US$ 45 CA$
Expedited service (4 d): 40 € 50 US$ 60 CA$
Rush service (48 h): 50 € 60 US$ 75 CA$

Translation* Price per word
Standard service (7 d): 0.08 € 0.10 US$ 0.12 CA$
Expedited service (4 d): 0.10 € 0.12 US$ 0.16 CA$
Rush service (48 h): 0.14 € 0.18 US$ 0.20 CA$

* To count the words in your document, we use the “Word Count” function in MS Word® (Tools >>> Word Count) after the translation has been finished (word count in English, not the source language). We select the words from the Abstract to the Acknowledgements, and exclude References, Figures, and Tables (which are translated for free).

Our services include the following:


Our editors will translate your document or proofread your English-language manuscript to improve the quality of your writing by making suggestions to correct the spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, choice of words, and syntax of your document. We ensure that your document contains complete sentences, proper subject-verb agreement, consistency in tense and format, and no verbosity.


At your request, we can format your document (e.g., pagination, spacing, indenting, heading styles) according to specifications set forth by the journal or other entity to which you intend to submit. We make stylistic and organizational changes of sentences, which usually involves a moderate level of rewriting to improve the clarity of sentences.

Content Editing

At your request, we will analyze thoroughly all aspects of your document, including content development, logical progression, consistency, and scientific rigor; and, if necessary, suggest revisions to the organization of information that will enhance the presentation of the ideas expressed in your manuscript. Our extensive editing emulates the peer-review process and ensures the highest level of professional presentation.

Typically, a 3000-word document (excluding References) requires 2 to 4 h of editing.

To receive a price quotation, complete our Quote Form and attach your document. Alternatively, to submit your request for a price quote, you can use e-mail (service@fortalezaedicion.com). We will reply within 24 h (Monday to Friday).

Before we can begin to translate or edit your document, you must accept our Terms of Service.


If you are paying in Euros, you will receive by e-mail and post an invoice from Intercambio Cultural Europeo SL (Madrid, Spain). Euros payments are made by bank wire transfer or cheque.

If you are paying in US or Canadian Dollars, you will receive by e-mail an invoice from Fortitude Technologies, Inc., which can be paid by check or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.