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Fortaleza Editing and Translation provides professional proofreading, editing, and translation services for scientists who want to improve the quality of the English in their documents. We specialize in editing and translating manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed scientific journals, although we also apply our expertise to contributions to books, research proposals and grant applications, reports, abstracts, symposium and conference presentations, posters, cover letters, and web pages.

We welcome requests for editing and translating documents in all areas of biology, including biomedicine, biotechnology, and bioengineering, as well as other fields of natural and applied sciences.

Fortaleza Editing and Translation can help to accelerate the review process and increase the likelihood that your research is published in the journal of your choice.

Manuscripts not written in correct English and improperly prepared are much less likely to be accepted for publication in major scientific journals. You cannot rely on reviewers and editors to correct poor English. Sub-standard English writing causes delays in the publication of your research. Journal editors, reviewers, and readers may often equate improper English with poor design and execution of research. Poorly written articles are less likely to be read and cited.

Fortaleza Editing and Translation ensures that your research is well-written. We correct the grammar, sentence structure, and the logic and clarity of the scientific arguments in your document. At your request, we will prepare your manuscript in the format required by the journal in which you wish to have your work published. Our editing and translation services improve the likelihood that a quality journal will accept your manuscript for publication, thereby, increasing the exposure of your research. In addition, our services can reduce the time between the submission and publication of your research.

Quick Service!

At Fortaleza Editing and Translation, the editing or translation of standard-length documents never requires more than 7 d and, upon request, we can translate your document from Spanish to English or edit your English-language scientific document within 48 h.

Reasonable Rates!

At Fortaleza Editing and Translation, the price for editing a typical scientific document usually is less than 100 € (US$125, CA$150). Your price will depend on the length of the text, the amount of work required, and how quickly (within 2, 4, or 7 d) you want to receive your edited document. Our rates for translating documents from Spanish to English are extremely competitive, too. Ask us for a no-obligation quotation for the cost of our services.